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Where is God? Is there a right and wrong?


Who is GOD? What is GOD? The SOURCE of all?

Who Am I? Where is God? Sometimes I like to think that I am a “personality” or unique path for a Higher Being. We all are representing an individual life’s worth of experiences.

GOD wanted a way to experience everything Physical in an environment like Earth. Experience cold, hot, wet, pain, pleasure. Things only a Human on planet Earth could experience.  

So SOURCE created each and every one of OUR experiences. Our host ( our body) has a heart and a brain and together that creates and guides a life…a unique set of thoughts…a unique set of experiences.

From birth, our brains start to gather information and that is when WE being. Our brain creates us as the information is gathered. Our brain determines what language we are going to learn. Our hosts (body/brain/heart) geography and demographics will guide in the creation of who WE are.Rumi 1

There is no right or wrong. It JUST IS.  It’s your experience. It’s my experience. It’s his experience. It’s her experience. Before we got here, there was no Male or Female, not Brown, not Yellow, not White. There were no South American’s, no Europeans, no Chinese. It’s Our experiences that allow SOURCE to experience this Physical. On this planet anyway.

This planet provides a unique environment. Just imagine what SOURCE has gained in knowledge over the time Humans have been on this earth. Maybe that is how the Universe expands? universeSOURCE gains knowledge from our experiences. Billions of experiences all collected by SOURCE. If there are billions of solar systems, and billions of galaxies, the number of places and ways for GOD or SOURCE to create experiences and gain more knowledge.



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