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Top 10+ things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii

Top 10+ things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have been seeing a lot of top things to do in Hawaii.  Some of those lists are top free things to do in Hawaii. I have lived on the Big Island and lived on a budget. That forced me to find things to do that were either free or very cheap. Here are my favorite things to do.

Remember, The Island of Hawaii or more commonly called, the Big Island, It is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands (4,028 mi²) . You can take all the other islands combined and lay them on top of the Big Island and it does not cover all the land space. Basically, a little smaller than Connecticut. 

Driving Times:

Kona to Hilo – 2 hours 14 minutes
Kona to Volcano – 2 hours 30 minutes
Kona to Waimea – 50 minutes
Kohala to Kona – 40 minutes
Hilo to Volcano – 45 minutes
Hilo to Waimea – 1 hour 15 minutes
Hilo to Kohala – 1 hour 45 minutes

As you arrive on the Big Island your will either arrive in Hilo or Kona. And it will be either by airplane or by cruise ship. How you get to the following locations will be up to you.  Car rental, visiting family or friends pick you up,  hitchhiking. I’ve seen and hitch hiked myself without a problem. Or there is also a $2 a ride bus system (Hele-On Bus info) that will take you all the way around the island. Just beware the bus runs on a limited schedule.


Kona (Ali’i drive)

Kona (Ali’i drive)







In addition to these things, you could always visit a Kona Coffee farm or a Macadamia Nut plantation.  There are soooo many things to see and do on the Big Island.


Green Sand Beach, South Point ( good to see if you are traveling from Volcano to Kona the south way)

Lava Flow, Puna District.

$3 to park

Uncle Ewa’s ( Uncle Roberts) Puna district A MUST go if you are there on a Wednesday!


South Point. If you’re driving by, go see it. 12 miles off the main road.

Akaka Falls ( north of Hilo)

p.s.  I just got back from another 6 months on the Island. I spent a lot of time on the southern tip.  South Point and Green Sand Beach are worth checking out too. 

Bryan, Nuria and Jake

If you have any questions about the Big Island of Hawaii, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The Island is a beautiful place. It should be seen and respected.  Aloha.

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